Kiina Expert Oy
Finnish-Chinese Collaboration Agency


Waste to energy

Solutions to transform waste into energy.

Language translation

Translation and interpretation service from Finnish to Chinese and vise versa.


Connecting business partners from a vast network, collected over 30 years.


  • 80's and 90's

    Era of import and export

    As Kauko-Aasian Tuonti ja Vienti Oy, the entrepreneur Antti Rautio, started out by importing silk scarves and rugs to Finland. Later on expanding this import to Chinese furniture. There were serveral attempts to export Finnish products to China but sadly the market wasn't ready for this.

    The business didn't focus only in importing and exporting products, but also offered services in language translation and interpretation.

  • Mid-90's and 2000

    Furnitures and home decoration

    Business started to focus more in importing Chinese antique furniture and decorative items. Chinese antique furniture exhibitions were arranged in Helsinki followed by a establishment of a furniture store named Ming Living.

    Ming Living operated from 2003 until the summer of 2007, when Kiina Expert had to allocate more of its resources to matchmaking business.

  • Mid-2000 - NOW

    Focus in the innovations

    In the mid-2000, Antti Rautio, was approached by inventors asking for help penetrating the Chinese market. This started the new trend of importing and exporting technological ideas and innovations for Kiina Expert Oy. Nowadays, the business focuses around enabling the collaboration between innovators, inventors, investors, manufacturers, and clients. Current specialization revolves around clean energy innovations, waste to energy solutions, and environmental rehabilitation.

Meet Antti

"Laitta sauna pääle!"

Antti Rautio


Antti Rautio (born January 30, 1955, Helsinki) is a Finnish-Chinese businessman and an entrepreneur. He grew up in Beijing, China, and moved back to Finland in the early 80's. He established a company with his brother and offered services as a translator and an interpreter. During the 80's he also worked as a Chinese language instructor.

Antti has a passion for Chinese medicine. He has studied the art of acupuncture throughout his entire life and now passes down the knowledge by teaching it. He occasionally appears as a guest lecturer in Chinese medicine coursess.